Quality Audits
ebizdocz® - a leading edge Quality Management System (QMS) and integrated e-training solution is delivered to your screen through cloud computing.

ebizdocz® hosts your organisation's relevant quality documentation in an audit-ready framework to underpin Certification or Accreditation to a specified Standard.

The ebizdocz® QMS reduces the workload of dealing with quality assurance and data entry aspects of organisation-wide operating procedures. The overall result is that filing quality assurance reports, complying with standards, and sharing information systems-wide becomes very easy. The online integrated e-training modules provide an efficient and effective way to readily bring everyone in the organisation up to speed with new products, technologies or improved techniques.

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ebizdocz® Pharmacy System supports pharmacies to meet the Pharmacy Quality Audit requirements.

ebizdocz® Physiotherapy System supports physiotherapy practices to meet the Allied Health Sector Standard audit.

ebizdocz® General Practice System supports general practice to meet the Cornerstone Accreditation programme.

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